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AwAwDe stands for Awesome Awesome Designs. It started in the midst of an “elite architecture” culture, in which majority of the field is focused on providing services to the elites and the authorities. While the mainstream design magazines are filled with the next state-of-the-art buildings, the general population is largely left living in conditions lagged decades behind. One starts to question if the profession has deviated from our humble roots as creators of spaces or have we never escaped from the pigeonhole as the creators of monuments.


AwAwDe defies the “elite architecture” culture, old or new. We believe the making of buildings and spaces must seek the roots and desires of people; that architecture is not fashion and should not suit a certain style nor trend; that great buildings are never created by single figures but a collective wisdom; and that awesome designs are deserved by everyone. 


AwAwDe is a Toronto based architecture firm. At AwAwDe, we persistently strive for a balance between creativity, practicality, and efficiency. Listening to the ideas and needs of our client is our top priority. We are constantly evolving our systematic approach to enhance turn-over rate and economy of a project.  AwAwDe welcomes projects of all scales and proudly offers the following services:

  • Architectural Design - Feasibility Study - Conceptual Design

  • Interior Design - Home Renovation - Custom Build Homes

  • Building Permits - Construction Drawings - Contract Administration​




Fan Zhang | OAA, M.Arch, B.Eng

Prior to founding AwAwDe, Fan had worked in various internationally known architecture offices such as HWKN (New York), BIG (Copenhagen), MAD (Beijing), and B+H Architects (Toronto). She was involved in developing and realizing numerous award winning projects across the globe. Her portfolio ranges from single-family housing, to boutique restaurants, opera houses, museums, office towers, and large institutional complexes. Always believing in the strength of education, Fan is actively involved in academia. She is currently teaching the Admission's Course at the University of Toronto, in collaboration with OAA (Ontario Association of Architects). As an architect and a researcher, Fan is particularly interested in the field of Vernacular Architecture. 



Judy Zeng | P.Eng

Judy received her B.A.S. in Engineering Science and a M.Eng. in Structural Engineering from the University of Toronto. She is a registered Professional Engineer in Ontario and California. Judy’s structural expertise extends to most building materials including concrete, steel, wood, and masonry. Having worked as the Plan Check Engineer for the Building Department at the City of Oakland, Judy is extensively knowledgeable on Building Code compliance of residential and commercial constructions. Some of Judy's renowned projects include the TTC Sheppard-Yonge Station, VIVA H3 Canopy, Brooklyn Basin Phase II, and Franklin Street mixed-use building. 

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