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Program: Installation

Location: Toronto, Canada

Organization: Winter Stations 2016

Size: 172 ft2

Status: Proposal


There is nothing better than a good snowball fight to cheer up the snowy cold days. A blank 12 meter long canvas is mounted around a 4m x 4m x 2.5m box and anchored onto one of the lifeguard stations at the Toronto waterfront. Visitors are invited to colour their snowballs with powder dyes and create their artwork on the canvas with the classic snowball fight action. When coloured snow gets splashed onto the canvas, the dye and ice mixture soaks the fabric. As ice goes through many cycles of melting and freezing with the temperature change, colours are permanently marked on the canvas. The result is a 12m x 2.5m watercolor painting that is unique to the city and its people. 

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